Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler

Benefits of Lidocaine

Lidocaine is an effective local anesthetic that reduces pain associated with intradermal injections. It is quickly released from the injected hyaluronic acid gel and then metabolised. Hyabell® is an injectable cross linked hyaluronic acid gel with 0.3% lidocain hydrochloride. Result of lidocaine release tests demonstrate that in all Hyabell® products more than 40% of the lidocaine was released after 1 hour and more than 80% of the lidocaine was released after 4 hours. After 72 hours a complete release of lidocaine could be stated - which is similar value to other fillers.

Excellent Injectability

Hyabell® provides additional comfort for patient and doctor through smooth injectability. The extrusion force of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is clinically relevant, because the physician must inject the hyaluronic acid dermal filler through a thin needle into soft tissue. The extrusion force of prefilled syringes can be determined by means of a testing device according to DIN EN ISO 7886-1 (Annex G: Determination of forces required to operate the plunger).

Above chart shows significantly low force and homogeneous extrusion of Hyabell® fillers versus others. The measurements of the extrusion force were performed with a 27G mneedle.

High viscoelastic properties of Hyabell®

The elasticity and viscosity of hyaluronic acid fillers are directly proportional to their volumising and lifting capabilities of the soft tissue. Above figure shows the rheological properties of HYABELL® fillers versus commercial fillers available. HYABELL® fillers have greater elastic modulus G' and viscous modulus G'' with a better filling effect and a longer duration time in the soft tissue. The injection results are immediately visible, natural and long-lasting (from 6 up to 14 months).


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